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KRA receives many resident requests to distribute messages of varied content and purpose to the community using the neighborhood group email system.   The following policy is being developed in an effort to clearly define KRA’s official role, responsibility and use of the neighborhood communication list.


KRA establish an email policy to define the appropriate use and content of official KRA email messages that will be distributed utilizing the main resident email list.  

KRA assumes responsibility for communicating messages to the neighborhood with the following content:

1.      Crime/Safety and public service issues and updates

2.      Lost/Found pets and property

3.      Neighborhood centered events, including but not limited to:

a.      Neighborhood clean-up and beautification efforts.

b.      Neighborhood social, educational, public interest and/or fundraising efforts.  (would include items such as candidate forums, traffic control, information on city dept.’s activities, etc.).

c.       Events that promote creativity and the arts.

d.      Public safety efforts ie. National Night Out.

4.      Development updates regarding projects with potential significant neighborhood implications.

The KRA President has final discretion in determining email appropriateness for distribution purposes.

Path Forward:

Email requests not falling under the categories noted above will not be distributed by KRA.  The KRA email communication team will work to identify and develop alternatives, to be presented at a future date, which will enable residents to post messages that do not meet the above referenced KRA distribution criteria.

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